Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PTC User 09 and CoCreate - Day 3

I started out the day with an early round of golf (I wish I knew how to play golf). Fortunately I had to leave after about 13 holes to get back to one of the CoCreate training sessions.

The fact that I played golf, means that I missed the KTM keynote. I would like to have been there.

I arrived at the class a bit late, but Brad Tallis (PTC CoCreate Technical Consultant) was doing a nice job of leading and teaching the class. The class was full. All students were Pro/ENGINEER users just trying to get more familiar with what CoCreate Modeling is. It can be a bit difficult to get out of the mindset of structuring a history tree, but the lights come on fairly quickly. We had a great time and it appeared that the students all had a great time as well. They all wanted more but the time was over all too soon. We encouraged them to download the free Personal Edition from and try it out some more.

PTC User was a great experience this year. It was my second one and I enjoyed meeting more of the PTC community. I also enjoyed meeting in person some of my fellow bloggers and others that I have virtually met in the social network.

I hope these blog posts were of some use to those of you that could not make it to this years event, but I more hope that we will see you at next years event.

Boarding now, got to go.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, thanks for the great summary. I could see how the event went as if I was there. See you! Tetsuya