Wednesday, December 17, 2008

History-Free Bolt-Hole Pattern

Here is a quick addition to my previous post about history-free parametric modeling. This is based on a question about bolt-hole patterns.

To get the video I just animated the variable that controls the outer diameter of the ring. (During the animation, only the faces that are affected are displayed) The bolt-hole radius, number of holes and the inside diameter is based on the outer diameter. As the outer diameter changes the bolt-hole radius changes as well as the number of holes and ID.

I realize this is reasonably simple stuff with a history-based system, but most people assume that it can't be done with a history-free system.

Again this is a history free model. There is no history tree and no parent/child relationships.  A feature was defined from existing faces, a pattern of the feature was defined, and a few parameters and expressions were added for control.  It is solved synchronously.  (and yes, I did it with CoCreate)

This can be done with an IGES file.

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